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Alejandro Fernandez Si Tu Supieras

Alejandro Fernandez - Si Tu Supieras
Arrancamos este domingo con una de las inmortales canciones de amor de Alejandro Fernandez, Si Tu Supieras. Tu presencia se queda en su pecho.
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As the mother of a stnudet who graduated five years too soon for this program, I am so sorry my sons missed it. What a great opportunity to sample life in another country! My 22 year old son, home from college now, was helping to entertain the teachers who were traveling with these Spanish kids, and I promise you, the teachers were having just as much fun. I had the pleasure of meeting them at a Bengals game, where they were all decked out in orange and black, wishing they could stay in the U.S. just a while longer. They did not seem the least bit angry to me! I can't wait to see how our kids enjoy the second half of this exchange in the spring.It all reminds me of my own foreign exchange experience sharing my bedroom with Jaana Laalo for my entire senior year of high school. Now, perhaps it was not the BEST idea for my family to decide that was the year to expand our horizons. I was consumed with friends and parties, and not secure enough in my own status to welcome this quirky Finn into my social circles with open arms. But we made it through the year, and when Jaana's plane took off from the Tucson airport in June, my entire family stood sobbing and waving until the jet was no more than a dot in the perfect blue sky.Since that day, more years ago than I care to remember, Jaana and my family have stayed in contact, first by mail, then by the miracle of email and cell phones. Her work in the import/export business brought her to America periodically, and I took my mother to Helsinki for Jaana's 40th birthday party. Many of my best friends know Jaana she and her crazy sister Kirsti were the hit of my 50th birthday bash in Las Vegas. It seems the bond forged during that formative last year of high school would put Gorilla Glue to shame. She's more than just a friend she's my third sister.So I am a huge fan of the exchange program idea. How much better would the world be if every American kid knew people from foreign countries? It's world expanding and eye-opening, for participants on both sides. In fact, does anyone know of such a program for middle-aged, empty nest moms?~ Kristi
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tiene una buena voz
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